First of all, we must talk about two very important points: what is a vertical platform and the figures that include the sale in this type of portals. A vertical platform, is a Marketplace specialized in a specific product or market, in our case we are specialized in both new and used agricultural machinery.

Currently, Spain is one of the European countries with the greatest potential since 16% of transactions carried out by Spaniards are through electronic payments. E-commerce in Spain has had a turnover growth of 23.3% since 2015, the online purchase is becoming more normalized, since if the user’s experience in said specific portal is good, the client has enough confidence to perform a purchase, even if the price of the product is high.

The first thing we have to think about when choosing where to advertise is, how to search and buy our target customer. When a farmer looks for a specific type of machinery, being a product with a high price prefers to buy in a trusted medium dedicated to the sector, vertical platforms help you generate that confidence towards your product, think that if your company announces along with other 1,000 companies dedicated to the same is easier to decide to make the purchase, since the thinking of anyone is “if so many companies invest in advertising here, I can buy quiet.” In addition, going out with more companies in the sector generates added brand value, they can value you and buy from you, in the same way as competitors who are already selling that type of product. Option that you would not have of not being present.

Another aspect that you have to take into account, is that on the internet if you are not the first one you do not exist, people do not go on the second page of Google, so you should evaluate your positioning on the internet.

One of the best ways to increase your positioning is through the presence in specialized portals, portals that are related to the sector your product is targeting. Keep in mind that vertical marketplaces invest in SEO positioning, so it will help you to be there, to improve your sales.

They will optimize your searches in Google, without making concrete effort in it; that is the case of our portals agromaquinaria.es and agronetsl.com that by continuously working on SEO and having more than a hundred thousand products offered, we achieve a good positioning. We currently have over 150,000 monthly visits, which improve the visibility of its customers online, also positioning their websites.

In a specialized portal product associations are generated, for example in agronetsl.com which is specialized in used agricultural machinery, if a user looks for tractors, you will see that you can also access spare parts for tractors, and add a product to its purchase intention .

In the case of very specific products or new or lesser-known brands, specialized portals favor their dissemination, since they will be in the same conditions as those of a large brand, being able to compare products and search for specific characteristics, facilitating that these products have more visits and more sales.

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